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Pilot Project in Cape Town

The Pilot Project will take place in Cape Town/ South Africa in cooperation with WAWA Surfboards from Muizenberg. We are working to realize the first period by the beginning of 2021.

There will be workshops in the afternoon for around three hours a day. To provide the chance to get into the project for as many kids as possible there will be three heats, dividing the participants into age groups.


The first heat will be about building a traditional handslide. This one is for the younger kids in the age of 8-14. Working in four groups of a maximum of 5 kids, we will have space for 20 kids in a workshop. We will be able to run two workshop groups parallel through the week. So the first group could be in on Mondays and Wednesdays and the second could work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This first heat will run for three weeks and it will end with an “open Workshop” event. All the hand slides will be displayed a celebrated potentially in the water.

The second heat is for older kids and young adults and it is about building a Hawaiian style bodyboard. With the same group constellations, we will design and craft bodyboards, skimboards and balance boards/ indoboards including material preparation, shaping, and finishing. In this workshop, the basic skills you need to craft your own surfboard will be taught. Also, this phase will end with an “open workshop” event, organized by the participants.

The third heat and the peak of the workshop will provide the chance for the most dedicated kids to make their own surfboards and become a mentor for the project. This heat will be more intense and will create little specialists. After finishing the course, they will be able to run the first two heats of following projects by themself and pass on the knowledge and experience, they got from the shaper to other young kids from similar backgrounds.

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