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my Thesis for the LSProject

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

During the first Covid19-Lockdown, I had the chance to focus on research and conception for the LocalSurfboardsProject. At Potsdam University of Applied Science, I finished my Bachelor's in late summer 2020 with a detailed plan of how the social and empowering business can work. The thesis includes all experiences, cultural probes and interviews I made in South Africa. With an online survey, I reached out to a lot of guys producing surfboards out of wood. The reaction to the project idea was amazing. Most of them were loving the idea and are ready to participate. For me, the thesis was the perfect chance to really nail the concept and substantiate it with scientific findings. Part of the theoretical approach is the pedagogical theory of observational learning. Originators for the whole undertaking are the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Unfortunately, it is not translated into English yet but if you are interested in getting the file feel free to contact us via the website contact form.

Many Thanks to my friend David Dollmann, one of the most talented and authentic photogrphers out there, for the cover picture.

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