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Surfboard Repair Workshop in Mossel Bay/ South Africa with the amazing "The Surfers Kids" NPO

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Last week, we did the first board repair workshop with the two incredible coaches Sipho and Luthando from "The Surfers Kids". They do an amazing job here in Mossel Bay, teaching kids from two near Townships how to surf and how to skate. Of course, it is way more than sport. They provide a family surrounding for the kids, feed them a nutritious meal every day and teach them life skills like communication, caring and hygiene.

The organization receives quite some donated boards from different corners of the globe. We found out, that 80 % of the boards don´t really fit the kids as they are stored out adult boards or they are broken. Big holes, snaped Finns and noses are problems, the Surferkids cannot fix without some decent knowledge, tools and materials.

What we did was a "How to repair- Workshop" with the coaches and a few volunteers. We had a great time fixing that boards and we hope the knowledge will be passed on to the older kids.

Cheers to Sipho, Luthando and Andreis from The Surfer Kids!


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