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"We support young surfers to produce their own boards from locally available materials."

We are connecting surfboard shapers with locals at surf spots along the African coastline, intending to support a more locally owned and environmentally conscious surf industry.

The "Local Surfboards Project" aims to help the young surfers of marginalized or underprivileged communities to produce their own surfboards and water toys from locally available materials.


The experience and the stoke, the young folks get out of the sport means mental balance and fitness and is one of the most substantial ways to connect with nature and create a positive mindset. Providing access to the precious ocean, and to the surf is one of our main goals.


To achieve that, we are supporting the development of a more locally owned surfboard culture and surf industry. Other than donated surfboards, self-made ones are not only better for the environment but will be more appreciated and maintained. Through workshops, the manual expertise is taught and spread by mentors. A simultaneously developing network of suppliers and partners is supporting the project, passing on knowledge, and sharing the values of social justice and sustainable consumption.

Direct empowerment is performed through the workshops and qualifies the young participants for the local labor market.

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